Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (STDP)

Everyone would like to solve problems quickly. Patients want quick results, they want to feel better and do better. Therapists don’t want to waste time, they want to be effective and efficient. Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (STDP) is a brief, experiential, dynamic therapy developed with these goals in mind. STDP therapists are active and problems are solved in weeks or months rather than years.

Child Touching Water

Accelerated Empathic Therapy (AET)

Therapists have long known that they will know their patients better if they imagine facing the challenges their patients face. The effect is magnified if they can physically feel what their patients feel. Experiencing the physical sensations of another person enables you to understand their emotions and help them handle these feelings.

Services for Psychotherapy Professionals

Training and Supervision

Theory explaining the connection of affect to symptoms will be discussed and techniques to be used by patients and therapists to gain access to affect will be explored. After learning how to recognize and gain access to affect, therapists will learn how to help their patients bear and regulate affect.